Watonga is going green.....                   


Watonga Public School

paper recycling fundraiser


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Starting  in  April  2008  anyone  in  the  community  can  easily  be  part  of  this  unique recycling   program   spearheaded  by  Abitibi  Recycling  Corporation.   Citizens  can recycle  paper  24  hours  a  day  at  any  of  four  Abitibi  Recycling  Bins  located  in Watonga.   Bins  will  be  located  at  each  of  the  Watonga   schools  and  at  Karl’s Apple  Market. 

Paper  suitable  for  recycling  through  the  Abitibi  Paper  Retriever  program  includes all  CLEAN  and  DRY:



Shopping Catalogs

Office and school papers

Mail (including envelopes with a plastic address window)