ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT:  Students will develop a sense of the future and how to move toward that plan.  Students also need to understand the relationship of ability, effort and the quality of school achievement and students at this level need to have an understanding of organizational and time-management skills.

 CAREER DEVELOPMENT:  Students will explore individual interests and aptitudes to recognize abilities and skills required for broad career clusters.

 PERSONAL/SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT:  Students are refining the ability to communicate consideration, caring and respect for self and others.  Students are practicing positive ways to resolve conflicts and maintaining healthy relationships.








Welcome to the Watonga Middle School – a school designed especially for you.  Our goal will be to assist you in making a positive transformation from the elementary school, through the middle school, and into high school.  During the “middle school” years, the teaching staff will provide educational experiences that will emphasize basic skills in an environment structured to maximize learning.

In addition to your academic endeavors, you will have opportunities to make friends and participate in a variety of age-appropriate activities if you so desire.  Your success at school will depend on your attitude toward school and toward your classmates.

     This handbook promotes academic success, and increases communication with parents.  We hope the information contained in the Handbook will help you become familiar with the services, procedures, rules, and regulations at the Watonga Middle School.  Our staff is anxious to promote a positive learning atmosphere.  We feel that respect for others, regard for public property, and consideration of the right and welfare of students should be guideposts for all of us. 

It is our hope that you will take an active role in our school and its activities also our desire that you will take pride in the school and promote positive feelings.  Take pride in being a “Watonga Middle School Eagle.”  Make 2005/2006 your very best year.